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We will tell you what people are talking about around here. Who knows if it's all going to be true. We're going to publish it right here anyway! We GOSSIP, and we GOSSIP every day. Hopefully we can help create some fun while you're at the Beach. It's all fun, fun, fun, and we love to laugh. If you have anything to tell people at 

the beach, send it in to us, text or email, even better are funny vids.....Send your news or Vids right now, let's create some laughs and fun..



Wag that tongue and you can create some real laughs or trouble too, so be careful because everyone can see it here.



We wonder if you have news we should repeat..send it to us.

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The Latest News of interest on the beach.

Well here we go. They start the season by digging up the streets onto and off of the beach. They just started ripping up the Blvd so now is the time to come down and ruin your tires.


Local Beach Stuff

Hurry, hurry they are just now beginning to rip up Ashworth Ave.. I'm going to get a few laughs watching the traffic and the talk.. There's going to be a lot of pissed off drivers and a lot of road rage out there. Traffic around here sucks under normal conditions. Maybe if you come now you can hit a manhole cover and enjoy a big blowout. I could bet on Fist Fights to come and a lot of WTF's. It sucks to be here now!


We are NEW to Hampton Beach

Haters are not welcome Here.



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If you have something on your mind, you can spit it out right here. Maybe you'll cause some trouble or maybe you'll have people laughing so hard they will piss themselves.

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